Perfuse tissue and incubate.

BioStorageBot Benchtop is a modular, versatile incubator and perfusion system for the growth, differentiation, and maintenance of cells and 3D tissues.

UL-certified BioBot Basic 3D benchtop, entry-level bioprinter loaded up with five material types
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Configurable for you.

BioStorageBot Benchtop is configurable for multi-well plates, culture dishes, transwell, or custom culture formats. BSB Benchtop establishes optimal culturing conditions via built-in temperature, carbon dioxide, and humidity control. Infrared-based carbon dioxide sensors operate accurately over a broad range (0 to 20%).


Perfusion Ready.

Perfusion configurations include an automated time-based scheduler for variable flows of user specified media in a 2 Drip and 1 Sip per BSB Benchtop. Conditions for each tray can be set, monitored, and logged remotely for independent drip flow rates.


Gain more time.

Make better tissue models. Prove your hypotheses in a more efficient manner. Do the science you always dreamt of doing.

Lab Experiments

Better 3D Cell Cultures.

Create better 3D cell cultures to allow you to fail fast forward.


BioStorageBot Benchtop Key Features & Specifications

Touch Screen Control Panel
Available Configurations:
2 Drawer Perfusion & Incubation
or 4 Drawer Incubation Only
Carbon Dioxide Control
Temperature Control
Humidity Control
Fits in Biosafety Cabinets
UL cGMP Certified



Integrates with Standard Syringe Pumps


Automated integration with BioAssemblyBots 200, 400, & 500

Drawer Configurations Available

4 Incubation Drawers

2 Incubation and Perfusion Drawers

Air Source Required

with Perfusion Drawers

100 psi 1cfm

Temperature Controls

Ambient to 40C

Electrical Requirements

110 VAC Single Phase at 15 Amps

or 220 VAC Single Phase at 7.5 Amps

(NEMA 5-15R)


Temperature Control

Biosafety Cabinet



Compatible Cassettes Available

Biosafety Cabinet Compatibility

Works with most

Carbon Dioxide Source Requirements

Regulated 2.5 to 3.0 psi

Carbon Dioxide Controls

0 to 5%


Power Supply Input

Water Supply Input

Water Drain Output

Air Supply Input

Carbon Dioxide Supply Input

RJ45 CAT-6


HDMI & Display Port

Pump Array Power

Pump Array Communication 




Touch Screen Controls




Benchtop or Biosafety Cabinet

Water Source


Distilled Water Only

Humidity Controls

93% +/- 3%

Dimensions & Weight

11.75 in (w) x 23.25 in (d) x 13.6 in (h)

29.84 cm (w) x 59.05 cm (d) x 34.54 cm (h)

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